Literacy and Numeracy

We put high value on the importance of reading and it is a significant feature of our workbooks. We test the reading ages of all students and then take a tiered approach to support. In Years 7 and 8 there is the Accelerated Reader programme, there is also the Toe by Toe reading programme and the Direct Instruction reading programme. Impact is tracked and measurable to support all being able to access the curriculum. To develop a love of learning and to support student awareness of current affairs ‘The Day’ programme is used in Years 7-9 during the 08:55- 09:18 slot once per week.

Numeracy is also a priority and again is a feature of the 08:55- 09:18 morning routines. In Year 7 the Direct Instruction Numeracy programme is in place. Literacy and Numeracy catch-up funding is used to support students through these programmes based on their attainment upon entry.