Student Transition Booklet

In this section you will find a copy of the student transition booklet. The booklet contains some important information that the students need to familiarise themselves with before they join us. It explains our school ethos, what lessons will be like and has some handy hints in terms of being prepared for the big day in September. There is also an opportunity for the students to share some information about themselves that can be used by their form tutors when they arrive. We want to get to know all of our young people as soon as possible and find out about their many talents. There is also a section that includes some summer preparation work. This is designed to enable the students to keep their mind sharp and focussed, which is particularly important bearing in mind everything that has been going on in the world of late. The preparation work is optional; We don’t want any of it to cause any anxiety, students can do as little or as much as they feel comfortable with. If they find anything difficult there is no need to worry, just move on to something that they feel they can do. You will receive a hard copy of the booklet through the post but if the children are keen to get ahead of the game, feel free to download a copy and they can get on with the tasks accordingly. The reading list and tasks are something that can be done without requiring your copy of the booklet.

We hope that the booklet is useful and ask that the children bring it with them when they first arrive in September.