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Pastoral and Additional Support

The Pastoral support on offer at St Francis of Assisi underpins who we are as a school and community. We strongly believe that to be an excellent Catholic school, we must give every student an excellent Catholic education and this means that it is our duty to support students to overcome whatever barriers to learning there may be so that they can then succeed academically.

We are evangelical about our pastoral support because it not only functions on many levels, but it also intertwines at many junctures so that no student is left behind. Half termly ‘Team Around the Child’ meetings take place for every year group which are formalised meetings of Welfare, Attendance, Pastoral, Achievement, Careers, Disadvantaged and Safeguarding Leads where all students are considered and the support in place reviewed for impact.

This layer of support takes place in addition to the daily and consistent Form Tutor support and love, the consistent Head of Achievement and Learning guidance and the consistent Senior Leader link and insight.

We believe that every young person needs an adult advocate in school. This allows every one of our students to have multiple advocate-professionals, who always willing to support a student, far beyond their subject learning.

Someone who will listen, walk students to a lesson, give them medical treatment when needed, comfort them and challenge them when necessary.

The SFA Way is that we support students extensively. It is a non-negotiable, because we know that being there for our students will allow us to overcome the barriers to learning, and we will excel.

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