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“A warm, loving and caring school with student achievement at its heart”. This is the phrase I would use to describe my experience of visiting St Francis of Assisi Catholic College. The ability to foster a drive and motivation in students to work hard, expect the best of themselves, yet know they are cared for as individuals was witnessed many times. From the high-quality challenging lesson on translation in year 7 French to the senior leader who takes the time to crouch down to student level to comfort an upset young person, this is a place that truly lives and breathes its Catholic values and ethos . 

Mrs Malton

Deputy Principal – Quality of Education at Exmouth College, Devon

“Great to visit SFA and catch up with the brilliant work in the school. Wonderful, calm atmosphere- purposeful teacher- led learning. Fabulous.”

Mr P Lee

Headteacher Q3 Langley

I thought I’d just write a quick note to say thank you for asking me to deliver training on the 27th of June 2023.

When I met with staff to plan a day of training at St Francis of Assisi, I was struck by the calmness and warmth of the children and adults that I met. Upon reaching the day itself, something else became obvious to me. The staff (and therefore school) are an incredibly happy team who genuinely enjoy their work. They appear to enjoy each other’s company and, as one member of the team said to me, working in an inspirational school.

I can’t remember a time, in over twenty years of working in secondary schools, that I have felt so instantly welcomed.

Thanks once again,

Liam Fitzpatrick.

Plan B Training Provider

St Francis of Assisi College