Extra Curricular

We run a whole array of extra-curricular opportunities here at St Francis of Assisi Catholic College and they are open to all students. Our philosophy is very much about providing as many opportunities for students as possible, so as to enable each and every child to make positive progress, as well as encouraging healthy active lifestyles.

We aim to provide students with the skills and enthusiasm to be able to engage in an active lifestyle long after they leave school. We also believe that those who are blessed with God given talent should be provided with the opportunities to develop further, whether it be through Gifted and Talented programmes for performers or for those who show an aptitude in leadership, through following one of our popular leadership programmes. All of our extra-curricular clubs are open to all students regardless of ability, all that is required is commitment and a desire to improve.

We run a whole range of team sports where our most able performers are able to proudly represent their school and we have had a considerable amount of success at both local and regional level. We run teams in the following sports; Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, Table tennis, Cross country, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Badminton, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket and Rounders and have clubs running at various times of the year in these sports. Clubs tend to run at lunchtimes and on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after school, whilst fixtures are regularly taking place most nights of the week.

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