About Us


Catholic Life and Mission is at the heart of everything we do at St Francis of Assisi Catholic College. We are proudly Catholic and put Christ at the Centre of all that we do. Our core purpose is to be an excellent Catholic school and this is evident in our Leadership, our daily routines, our curriculum, our Student Support teams and what we aim for for everyone in our community.

Our Mission Statement is front and centre in school, features in every act of Collective Worship, underpins every subject’s curriculum and is clear about who we are, and what our faith mission is.

At St Francis we love our neighbour and this allows for an environment rooted in genuine, mutual respect between students and adults alike.

We are proud to celebrate Mass at school in our beautiful chapel with the support of our Chaplain and embrace the sacraments and then go and live out the gospel message in our daily actions. We strongly believe that to be an excellent Catholic school, we must give every student an excellent Catholic education and this means a universal and holistic education that leads to excellent outcomes but also leads to our students becoming Saints in their own right.

Mission Statement

To provide an excellent education for all. One which holds faith and love at the heart of all that we do. We want everybody to develop and fulfil their potential whilst part of our community and beyond.

We explicitly refer back to our Virtues in our daily routines so that SFA students are intentional, attentive, eloquent, act with integrity, compassion and service.

Catholic Social Teaching permeates our student support structures and we all keep the needs of the poor and vulnerable at the forefront of our minds.

St Francis of Assisi College