The Environment

St Francis of Assisi Catholic College is committed to encouraging our school community to care for the environment both in our everyday life but in the wider world. We have a sense of duty as a Catholic school to ensure we look after those around us and the earth we all live on.

The School Student council leads the school’s environmental agenda, this is supported by all staff and Governors. We genuinely strive to ensure we are reducing waste, recycling and using energy as efficiently as we can across the school. As part of these aims we have recently delivered the following projects in school;

• Replaced windows over the values of £250,000 to ensure we are energy efficient.
• Provided Year 7 Students and all staff with Reusable bottles
• Improved our Bike storage facilities in school
• Introduced dedicated recycling bins in school
• Working with our catering providers to remove plastic cutlery and all unneeded packaging
• Setup an automatic Computer shutdown policy in school, so no PC’s are left on after 6pm.
• We are planting 1,000 sapling trees and creating a new conservation space

Our future plans include the installation of solar panels and electric charging points as well continuing to reduce plastic waste in school.

St Francis of Assisi College